Pathfinder Bible Experience

PBE Manual

The Pathfinder Bible Experience Manual is the offical guide and rule book for all levels of PBE play.  


Guidelines include team practice, team composition, translations/language, and even note on how to prepare the event site for a competition.  

Note that beginning in 2015/2016 the Manual and Activity Guide are one document, with the Manual making up pages 1-21, whereas the activity/study guide begins on page 22.  This guide may be purchased from AdventSource or downloaded as a PDF from our website.

Link to buy (2017-2018 edition) (glossy color cover, card-stock)



Other PBE teams/conferences/organizations have also published their own unofficial study guides that may be found and used using a search engine such as Google.  Some Conferences or Unions may offer additional study resources -- please contact your PBE Director for information.