AYMT Certifications

The AYMT answer: Certifications
Faced with the desire to provide a more efficient training curriculum, a need to fix the problems of the PLA and PIA, and include good content, AYMT Certifications were created.

The basis of the certifications are:


  • Role specific learning
  • One year time frames (See Time frame polices on the following page.)
  • Required field work • 5-8 seminars per certification
  • Portfolio completion as a form of evaluation and integrity review
  • Mentoring
  • Conference level creation options The format will be very familiar to anyone who has taken college classes, whether they completed a degree or not. The analogy fails on one major point; In this case you have earned the top degree before taking “classes.” That is, you have been invested as a Master Guide.*

Now you:

  • Choose a certification (speciality)
  • Attend seminars (classes)
  • Do field work (homework)
  • And submit a portfolio (have it graded - pass/fail) * Because of the flexibility of the framework, we can also provide certain pre-MG certifications as well. The arrangement of seminar groups will also be recognizable to those who have some college experience.

There are departments of study that relate to common areas of ministry such as Leadership, Finance, Religion and Psychology. And there are ministry specific departments of study such as Adventures, Pathfinders and Master Guides. Certifications draw from multiple departments to offer unique combinations related to an individuals role in ministry.