Skill Level:  2
Category: Vocational
Original Honor:  1929

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1. Show how to clean, type properly and change ribbon on a typewriter.

2. Know the difference between a fabric and a carbon ribbon.

3. Identify the following parts of the typewriter and know their function:

a. Frame 

b. Keyboard 

c. Space bar 

d. Backspace key 

e. Shift keys and lock 

f. Platen 

g. Impression control 

h. Margin stops 

i. Paper release

j. Leverline-space lever

k. Line-finder control

l. Paper centering scale

m. Cardholder

n. Paper bail lever

o. Pitch selection lever

p. Margin release

4. Know how to set tabs for tabulation. Properly type a tabulated page with at least four columns.

5. Show how to center information horizontally and vertically on paper.

6. Show how to construct block and indented style letters.

7. Operate a typewriter at a speed of forty words a minute on new material for five minutes with no more than five errors.