Shoe Repair

Skill Level:  3
Category: Vocational
Original Honor:  1928

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


 1. Name at least five essential parts of a shoe and explain their uses.
2. What is the difference between hand-turned soles, Goodyear welt soles, and McKay sewed soles? Which is the easiest to repair?
3. Properly wax the thread, and with two needles or waxed ends, mend a pair of shoes that have rips in them. Use the double-stitch method of sewing.
4. Satisfactorily half-sole a pair of shoes by nailing the soles on. Make sure the nails are of the proper length.
5. Fit and attach a pair of rubber heels.
6. What kind of leather should be used in repairing the soles of shoes? How is such leather generally tanned?
7. Specify at least three factors that should be taken into account in the selection of shoes.
8. Spend a minimum of five hours observing shoe repair specialists at their work shop.
9. Write or tell the examiners the proper methods of cleaning and caring for shoes.