Radio Electronics

Category: Vocational 
Master:  Technician
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution:   General Conference


1. Identify at least 20 symbols used in electronics.
2. Identify the value of resistors by the color code.
3. Demonstrate proper soldering techniques.
4. Explain use and operation of various important components in electronics such as resistors, variable capacitors, fixed capacitors, coils, transistors, integrated circuits, diodes, and transformers.
5. Know and understand Ohm’s law.
6. Determine how to correctly place or pin integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, and capacitors in a circuit board.
7. What is meant by a parallel and a series circuit?
8. From a kit or from scratch make two of the following:

a. Photocell guard or counter
b. Siren
c. Simple voltmeter
d. Pressure sensor
e. Simple DC power supply
f. Simple transistor radio

9. Draw from memory, using proper symbols, the complete wiring diagram of the devices constructed in requirement 8.
10. List ten ways electronics are used in everyday life.