Category: Vocational 
Skill Level:  2 
Original Honor:  1929
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Originating Institution:   General Conference



1. Know how the following printing devices work:
a. Web press
b. Offset press 
c. Photocopy machine
d. Letterpress
2. Know what the reference of pound means in determining the weight of paper. Know what the following paper types are used for:
a. Offset
b. Bond
c. Cover weight
d. Index
3. Tour a print shop or newspaper company. Write a 300-word report or give a three-minute oral report on the steps taken in the printing process that you observed.
4. Do some research to learn about the history of printing. Trace the development of printing by learning how printing presses have progressed to the present.
5. Know the different inks available for printing and their characteristics.
6. Know the meaning of the following terms:
a. Backing up
b. Blanket
c. Bleed
d. Boldface
e. Camera-ready art
f. Caption
g. Clipart
h. Collate
i. Color separations
j. Contact print
k. Debossing
l. Embossing
m. Engraving 
n. Font
o. Ghosting
p. Intaglio
q. Jog
r. Matte
s. Negative
t. Paste-up
u. Register
v. Set-off
w. Show through
x. Thermography
y. Watermark
z. Work and turn
7. Know the difference between half-tones, duo-tones, and the four-color process.
8. Interview a printer to find out the following:
a. What education is needed to get into the printing field?
b. What advancement opportunities are available in printing?
c. What does the future hold for the printing industry?
d. What do you do in your business to keep customers happy?
e. What career opportunities related to printing are available?