Native Bush Construction

Category: Vocational 
Skill Level:  3
Original Honor:  UNK
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1. Assist in setting out the ground of a simple house squarely and accurately.

2. Assist with choosing and cutting proper timber from the bush for posts, floor, rafters, wall plates, studs, steps and doors.

3. a. Plait local materials for walls.

b. Make sections for a wall 1m x 1m and show two different wall patterns.

4. Show ability to thatch a roof correctly,  especially the ridge and hips using kunai grass, sago palm leaves, coconut palm leaves or any other materials.

5. Where applicable select, prepare and use vines for tying and lashing.

6. Take part in building a house not less than 4m x 2m using native materials.  In building the house practice all demonstrations nos. 1-5. Show while building the house that you have taken measures to keep it free from termites.

7. Demonstrate ability to name, use and care for  the following tools: ax, saw, hammer, chisel, bush knife, ruler and tape spade.