House Painting, Interior

Category: Vocational 
Skill Level:  3 
Original Honor:  1938 
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Originating Institution:   General Conference



1. Explain and demonstrate how to prepare and finish new or old woodwork in the following ways:

a. Staining
b. Varnishing
c. Painting

2. Give two methods of stippling.

3. When should a paint spray gun be used?

4. Describe the proper methods for cleaning and care of paint and varnish brushes.

5. Show how to use putty properly.

6. Explain the difference between exterior and interior paints.

7. Make a list of ten proper color schemes for interior house painting using color swatches from a paint shop. Why are bright/loud colors not preferred?

8. Explain the composition of and when you use the following paints:

a. Oil based
b. Water based

9. Paint the woodwork of at least four rooms.

10. Paint at least one room, showing skill in keeping paint where it belongs.

11. Tell and show how to properly store unused paint.