House Painting, Exterior

Category: Vocational 
Skill Level:  3
Original Honor:  1938
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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1.  Know and explain the difference in composition of exterior paints versus interior paints.

2. Tell how to prepare the outside of a house for painting by doing such items as preparation for new and old work, paint removal, priming, puttying, finishing, etc.

3. List ten proper color schemes for house painting (if possible, use color charts from a paint shop in making the display).

4. Tell how to prepare and paint metal properly.

5. Name at least three paint thinners and give their specific uses.

6. Show ability to properly use brush, roller, and spray equipment in outside work.

7. Paint the outside of a house with at least four rooms (if possible, make this a group project for a special-needs person in the church or community).