Category:  Vocational
Skill Level: 2
Original Honor: 1929

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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Describe the function of the following tools:

a. Band saw

b. Belt sander

c. Jig saw

d. Miter saw

e. Radial arm saw

f. Router

g. Shaper

h. Wood lathe

2. Demonstrate how to use the following tools:

a. Block plane

b. Circular saw (cut a straight line)

c. Framing square

d. Hammer

e. Hand saw (cut a straight line)

f. Level

g. Measuring Tape

h. Nail set

i. Plumb bob

j. Wood chisel

3. Describe the use of and distinguish between the following types of nails:

a. 20 penny

b. 16 penny

c. 12 penny

d. 8 penny

e. 6 penny

f. Finish

g. Brad

h. Roofing

i. Screw nail

j. Sinker

k. Common

l. Galvanized

4. Assist in erecting a frame building not less then 6 x 8 feet (1.8 meters x 2.4 meters) in ground dimensions, with a gable roof, and with at least one door and one window, demonstrating ability to measure and use of tools from requirement #2.

5. When building the above project, use all of these features:

a. Floor joist

b. Sub floor

c. Shoe plate

d. Top plate

e. Double plate

f. Conventional roof or trusses

g. Felt roof

h. Shingles

i. Window with weight-bearing header

j. Door with weight-bearing header

k. Fascia on eaves

l. Siding

Note: Participants must be 16 years and older to use power tools.