Letterboxing, Advanced

Letterboxing Advanced

Category: Recreation
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2008
Adventsource Honors Handbook PDF 
Adventsource Catalog: #007400 Advanced Star Order (must have approved order login) (link from adventsource)
Wiki.pathfindersonline.org Article/Answer Key
Originating Institution:  General Conference


1.      Complete the Letterboxing honor.
2.      Create a letterbox stamp, post clues on a web site, establish and maintain a letterbox for six months.
3.      As a unit, club or family find the clues and then locate an additional twenty letterboxes not found for the basic honor, eight which can be part of two or more series. Individually “stamp in”, imprint the letterbox stamp in your log book and record your find on the web site.
4.      Design, create and carve your own hitchhiker stamp. Hide in a letterbox, post on a web site and track its travels for six months.
5.      Participate in an exchange with letterboxers other than your local club members and obtain a minimum of 20 stamp images.