Category: Recreation
Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2008
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Originating Institution:  North American Division


1.      Define the following
a.       Cache
b.      Letterbox
c.       Trail name
d.      Personal log book
e.       Stamp in
f.       Hitchhiker
g.      Hybrid box
h.      Bonus box
i.        Exchange

2.      List at least five behaviors you should practice while letterboxing.

3.      Know the basic orienteering skills of:
a.       Pacing.
b.      Compass use.
c.       Know how to find the four major directions without a compass.

4.      Design, create and carve your own personal stamp.

5.      As a unit, club or family find the clues and then locate at least ten letterboxes, four which can be part of a series. Individually “stamp in” your stamp, imprint the letterbox stamp in your log book and record your find on the web site.

Skill Level: 1