Kayaking honor

Skill Level:  2
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  2001

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Originating Institution:  General Conference




1.      Satisfy the examiner that you have knowledge of different types of kayaks (Slalom, river, touring, sea); the uses for each and the equipment necessary for safe kayaking (helmet, life jacket, sprayskirt, bow and stern loops, flotation in kayak).
2.      Demonstrate an ability to enter and exit a kayak.
3.      Demonstrate ability to complete the following strokes
4.      Straight forward and backward paddle
5.      Left and right turn by forward and back paddling
6.      Draw (sweep) stroke
7.      Support stroke
8.      Cross current paddling
9.      Explain the steps involved in Eskimo rolling and demonstrate the proper method of doing this.
10. Explain how to repair a hole in fiberglass
11. After completing a minimum of 2 training sessions complete either
12. An overnight kayak trip
13. Two day trips (one including some white water)

Skill Level: 1