Geocaching Advanced

Skill Level:  2
Category:  Recreation

Original Honor:  2005 Updated 2018 (NAD)
AdventSource Honors Handbook PDF
AdventSource Catalog: Advanced Star Order (must have approved order login) (link from AdventSource) Article/Answer Key
Originating Institution: North American Division


Note: This is the NAD version of the honor requirements.   For the General Conference honor requirements visit here.  The patch is identical.  

  1. Have the Basic Geocaching honor
  2. Define the following terms
    1. Attributes
    2. Favorite points
    3. Message center
    4. Souvenir badges
    5. Lists or Pocket Queries
    6. Reviewer
  3. Define latitude and longitude. What is meant by degrees, minutes, seconds? Demonstrate how tofind the latitude and longitude on a geocache listing. Show how to enter latitude and longitude ina GPS receiver/app.
  4. Give the history of the following:
    1. the origins of global positioning satellites.
    2. when and how geocaching started
    3. the basics of the first geocache (stash)
  5. What are the laws/rules/guidelines for placing caches in the following locations in your region?
    1. City, regional, or county parks
    2. State parks/provincial parks
    3. National parks, WMAs
    4. Limited access highways and railroad right-of-ways
    5. Placing physical caches while traveling
    6. Other public lands or areas in your area with permitting guidelines
  6. Complete two or more of the following:
    1. Establish and maintain a new geocache in your area for at least six months
    2. Attend a geocache meeting or eventc
    3. Complete a geotour, geotrail, geoarts or its equivalent (minimum of 6 geocaches found)
    4. Find two travel bugs or geocoins and place them in another cache.
    5. Hike five or more miles while geocaching.
    6. Find the two oldest caches hidden in your state or region
  7. Find and record at least 18 geocaches and include:
    1. One traditional cache with three-star (or greater) difficulty and/or terrain rating*.
    2. One multi-level cache or Mystery (Puzzle) cache
    3. One virtual or earthcache
    4. One cache with at least 10 favorite points
  8. Write about your geocache find in your logbook on a geocache website. Note: If caching as a group, a single account and single find logs may be used to collectively track the finds for the group.

*The free geocaching app limits to five finds per day of caches with a D/T rating of 2 or less.  Thus, a paid quarterly or annual membership would be necessary for this requirement if using a geocaching app.