Lashing, Advanced

Skill Level:  2
Category:  Recreation
Original Honor:  2018
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Originating Institution: North American Division


  1. Earn the Lashing honor.

  2. Demonstrate each of the following lashings:
    a. Japanese square
    b. Norwegian square
    c. Filipino diagonal
    d. West country round.

  3. Demonstrate how to end a rope via whipping.

  4. Complete a decorative lashing with at least two colors of rope.

  5. Research for your area the following for your lashing project:
    a. Where to legally find spars in nature
    b. How to properly cut down natural materials and prepare them for usage.

  6. Discuss how anchors are used in larger lashing projects.

  7. Know the distance from the structure that anchors should be set for the following conditions:
    a. Undisturbed ground
    b. High wind
    c. Disturbed ground
    d. Loose sand and snow

  8. Demonstrate how to do three of the following:
    a. 1-1-1 Picket anchor
    b. 3-2-1 Picket anchor
    c. Log and picket anchor
    d. Dead man’s anchor
    e. Fixed anchor.

  9. Explain how to determine how large the diameter of a pole needs to be for the weight of a lashing project.

  10. Construct at least two of the following, using only lashing:
    a. Tower
    b. Rope bridge (monkey bridge)
    c. Entryway
    d. Gate
    e. Wood bridge
    f. Raft

  11. Construct one of the following projects with moving parts using only lashing:

    a. Catapult
    b. Lift bridge
    c. Hoist