Lashing honor

 Skill Level:  1
Category:  Recreation
Original Honor:  2018
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Originating Institution: North American Division


  1. Define lashing and what are its purposes.

  2. How can lashing be used in a camping or outdoors setting? Give three examples.

  3. What materials are used in lashing?
    a. List types of ropes that are preferred for lashing.
    b. Give the advantages of natural materials over dimensional lumber.

  4. Demonstrate the following beginning and ending knots:
    a. Timber hitch
    b. Clove hitch
    c. Square knot


  5. What beginning and ending knots are used in the following five types of lashing:

    a. Square
    b. Shear
    c. Tripod
    d. Diagonal
    e. Continuous


  6. Explain how to calculate the length and thickness of ropes needed for a project. Demonstrate how to preserve the ends of a cut rope.


  7. Explain the differences between a frap and a wrap.


  8. Demonstrate how to tie the following five lashings:
    a. Square
    b. Shear
    c. Tripod
    d. Diagonal
    e. Continuous


  9. Discuss what types of weight loading each diameter of rope can handle depending on the nature of the material.


  10. Demonstrate ways to store ropes and wood for later use.


  11. Create at least three of the following items:
    a. Chair (must include seat and back)
    b. Table (must be able to support 16 lbs. or 2 gallons of water)
    c. Tripod for cooking fire
    d. Flagpole (must have at least four spars)
    e. Ladder (must include six rungs)