Drumming & Percussion

Drumming and Percussion

Skill Level:  2
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  2006

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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1.      Write a one page paper demonstrating your knowledge of how a drum corps can be used to minister within your:
a.       local church
b.      community
2.      What are the four families of rudiments?
3.      Be able to name five rudiments from each of the four families of rudiments.
4.      Demonstrate ability to keep in step with the drum corps by taking part in at least one outreach program. (ex. Pathfinder Day, Conference or Local church sponsored event)
5.      What is the difference between drum carriers and drum straps? Demonstrate with drum equipment in a formation.
6.      What are the seven essential rudiments? Why are they essential?
7.      What is the difference between playing open vs. closed?
8.      Using the open/closed method, demonstrate your knowledge of the seven essential rudiments. Execute: Open to Closed to Open
9.      What is the difference between traditional style and matched style stick holding? Demonstrate each style by playing a sequence consisting of no less than three rudiments.
10. What is the difference between drumsticks used for a drum corps and those used for a percussion drum set?
11. What are the sections that make up a drum corps?
12. Based on the previous question, what purpose does each section serve?
13. Show the various types of protective devices used to secure drum corps equipment.
14. What are the various types and sizes of drumsticks used for a drum corps?
15. Know what tools and equipment used for drum practice sessions.

Skill Level 2