Canoeing, Advanced

 Skill Level:  3

Original Honor:  2013
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Originating Institution: North American Division



1. You need to have earned the Canoe Honor before completing this honor.

2. Plan and take a canoe trip over a school break that will be at least 4 days on the water, using the skills you will learn in this honor to make a successful trip.

a. Obtain a map of waterways you plan to use.

b. Contact the Forest Service or park headquarters for the area you will be going to for any necessary permits (example: fire, camping and canoeing).

c. If needed, make arrangements for your vehicle to be shuttled or for someone to return you to your vehicle. (There are guide services that will perform this for a fee.)

d. Find out if you will be charged camping fees for the area you are going to camp.

e. Plan the number of miles you will canoe each day and where you plan to camp. (Remember you will not be the only ones on the water)

f. Find places to visit and things to see.

g. Make notes where portages are and how long they are

3. Planning is part of the fun. It is very important for you and your group to have a good plan for the enjoyment and safety of everyone going. Work together or in small groups to complete #3-16 before you go on your canoe trip:

4. Plan a menu for your trip. Consider your portages you will want to keep your food light weight for easier transporting.

5. Make a list of personal equipment needed for the trip:

6. Make a list of group equipment needed for the trip.

7. Make a list of emergency equipment needed for the trip.

8. Make a personal first aid kit.

9. Define flat water, class one, class two, class three and class four.

a. Flat water

b. Quick water

c. Class I

d. Class II

e. Class III

f. Class IV

10. Demonstrate safety signals. Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson shows how to do this.

11. Make a portage of ¼ mile or more. You must portage your canoe and your gear yourself or with the help of your partner.

12. Explain what caution you should take on lakes when it is windy.

13. Take a canoe trip of at least 4 days on the water, using the skills you have learned in this honor to make it a successful trip. 

14. While on your canoe trip, do one of the following:

a. Take pictures of your trip, including pictures of nature. Make a presentation of a selection of these pictures to a group.

b. Journal your trip, including spiritual lessons you have encountered and what you have observed in nature while on the trip.

15. God has given us the Bible so we can get to know and understand Him, but He has also given us the book of nature. Take the time to see God though nature on your trip. Share your discoveries, pictures, or journaling with your Church, another Pathfinder Club or Adventurer Club. You can do this by yourself or with others that went on the canoe trip.

16. During worships on the canoe trip share a nature nugget. A nature nugget is something you find in nature that helps you understand a spiritual thought. It can be something you found or did.

17. Depending on the experience of your group consider taking a day or weekend trip to prepare for your extended trip.



Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson

Appalachian Mountain Club River Guides