Backpacking, Advanced

 Skill Level:  3
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  2012

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Originating Institution:  North American Division



1.  Have the Backpacking Honor

2.  Have the Orienteering Honor

3.  Have the First Aid honor

4.  Review the prevention and symptoms of, and first aid for:





e.Heat Stroke

f.Heat Exhaustion

g.Snake bite



j.Elevation sickness


5.  Learn & demonstrate proper and safe techniques for crossing streams while wearing a loaded backpack.


6.  Practice the following safety procedures:

a.  Obtain proper hiking/camping permits for each backpacking adventure 

b.  Record your backpacking plans and leave a copy with a responsible point person


7.  Plan and take the following:

a.Two backpacking trips of at least five miles camping out at least one night

b.Two backpacking trips of at least ten miles camping out at least one night

c.One backpacking trip, camping out at least two nights, of at least 25 miles