Ultimate Disc


Skill Level:  2
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  2011

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Wiki.pathfindersonline.org Article/Answer Key 
Originating Institution:  General Conference


1. Know the 10 simple rules of Ultimate and how the game is played.
2. Define and explain “Spirit of the Game”.
3. Explain why the name “Frisbee” was dropped from the name of the game.
4. Identify and be able to throw the disk:

a. Forehand
b. Backhand

5. Define or explain the following game terms:

a. Stacking & Cutting
b. Clearing Out
c. Stall Count
d. Non-Contact
e. Violation vs. Foul
f. Hold the line

6. Explain the following calls or rules:

a. No referees/player resolution
b. Foul calls at the disk
c. Foul calls away from the disk
d. Traveling
e. Pivot

7. As a team or individual, develop a plan to practice outreach while completing the requirements for this honor. Possible options could include the following:

a. Invite at least one friend not from your church to play a game.
b. Have prayer before or after each game.
c. Exhibit “Spirit of the Game” both on and off the field.

8. Play six (6) Pathfinder pick-up games to twelve (12) points and demonstrate a reasonable understanding of disk handling and throwing, catching, scoring, and defending.
9. Write a one-page report or provide an oral report to the Pathfinder leader on how the concept of “Spirit of the Game” is applied to Ultimate and outside the sport as a Christian role model to others. Discuss why the concept is important in fair play and in reducing the desire to win at any cost.