Wakeboarding honor

Skill Level:  1
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  2006

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


Have the Advanced Beginner’s Swimming Honor.
1. Know and practice the following safety rules:

a. Never wakeboard at night.
b. Never wakeboard during an electrical storm.
c. Always wear a ski vest while wakeboarding.
d. Make sure the wakeboarding rope is in good condition.
e. Make sure the wakeboarding bindings are in good condition.
f. Always have a spotter and flag in the boat.
g. Stay clear of objects, such as other skiers, swimmers, tubers, docks or floating objects.
h. If you fall let go of the rope.
i. After a fall, raise a hand to indicate you are all right.
j. Do not stand in the boat while it is moving.

2. Know the following hand signals:

a. Slower
b. Speed is OK
c. Faster
d. Back to dock
e. Stop
f. Turn

3. Put on the wakeboard by yourself. Be able to remove the wakeboard in deep water by yourself.
4. Execute a deep-water start on the wakeboard on a full line rope.
5. Successfully cross both wakes and return to center without falling.
6. Do a small jump off the wake and land without falling.

*NOTE: All wakeboarders in AY sponsored wakeboarding class must wear a ski vest