Triathlon honor

Skill Level:  2
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  UNK

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1. Give three Bible principles and two Spirit of Prophecy principles to support exercise.
2. Give a report on the correct diet to maintain peak physical condition and how this was maintained for the duration of training. Include fluid intake during and precompetition, and in-competition food intake.
3. a. Give guidelines for correct training, including warm-up, stretching, injury prevention, prevention of overtraining, etc.
b. Present your regular training program.
c. List the correct equipment, including bike, shoes, clothing.
4. Exhibit knowledge of the techniques of swimming, cycling and running.
5. Compete in all three aspects of a recognized triathlon event, either solo or as a team member, where the triathlon is similar to:

a. Swimó500m
b. Cycleó15km
c. Runó10km
d. within 4.5 hours.