Junior Youth Leadership

 Skill Level:  3
Original Honor:  1945
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Be a Master Guide

2. Read two books on junior youth leadership written in the last five years.

3. Serve in any one of the following offices:

a. Junior Youth Group leader for one year.

b. Junior or Earliteen Sabbath School leader for one year.

c. Staff member in an active Pathfinder club for one year.

d. Staff member at a summer youth camp for a full summer.

4. Prepare a group to be invested in one of the Adventist Youth/Pathfinder classes during the current year and assist in conducting the Investiture service.

5. Know at least ten qualities of a good youth leader.

6. Know the difference between juniors (10-12 years old) and teens (13-15 years old) in the following areas:

a. Physical

b. Emotional

c. Mental

d. Spiritual

7. Know principles in the proper administration of discipline to youth. Learn the following areas of discipline:

a. Ten ways to prevent having to discipline

b. Nine ways to have balanced discipline

c. Five types of discipline


d. Five discipline procedures