Flags, Advanced

Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2013
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AdventSource Catalog: Advanced Star Order (must have approved order login) (link from AdventSource)
Wiki.pathfindersonline.org Article/Answer Key 
Originating Institution: North American Division



1. Earn the Flags honor.

2. What is the study of flags called?

3. Know and identify the following basic types of flags and list one flag for each type.

a. Badge

b. Bicolor

c. Burgee

d. Canton

e. Couped Cross

f. Cross

g. Pennant

h. Quartered

i. Serration

j. Triangle

k. Triband

l. Guidon

4. Choose three national flags, including your own, that, combined, have all the following colors. On those flags, what do the colors represent:

a. Red 

b. Blue 

c. Black

d. Green 

e. White

f. Yellow

5. Learn how to properly hoist and retrieve the following flags.

a. National flag b. State/Province

c. Pathfinder/AY d. Christian/Area (District or County)

6. Learn when and why a flag is flown at half staff.

7. What are the conditions that require a national flag to be lighted?

8. Teach proper techniques for folding and storing flags.

a. National flag 

c. Christian flag 

b. State/Province flag

d. AY/Pathfinder flags

9. Learn how to properly display your national flag in the following situations:

a. Parade –alone, with another, or in a row of flags (US flag never dips)

b. On a platform

c. Vertically or horizontally on a wall

d. On a casket

e. In a group of flags on the same halyard

f. Flags from two or more nations

10. Properly carry one of the flags in #8 as part of a Pathfinder color guard at a special event (parade, civic event, Pathfinder Sabbath).

11. Learn how to properly and respectfully dispose of a torn/worn national flag. Be part of a ceremony to properly dispose of a national flag.