Christian Storytelling

Skill Level:  2
Category: Spiritual Growth, Outreach, and Heritage
Original Honor:  1928

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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Name one source where you have found material for stories for each of the following categories. Tell a story from each category.

a. Sacred history

b. Church history

c. Nature

d. Character story

e. Object lesson with visual aids

2. For the above stories you tell, do the following:

a. Tell one of your stories to children, aged five and under, for at least three minutes.

b. Tell one of your stories to the 10-12 year olds for at least five minutes.

3. Make a written outline of a story you are to tell.

4. State how and under what circumstances course material is to be modified for the following:

a. Telling the story in first person, second person, and third person

b. Different audiences, ages, and purposes

c. Making the story shorter

d. Making the story longer

5. Tell why a definite aim is necessary in telling a story.

6. Tell one story of foreign missionaries, not less than five minutes in length.

7. Tell one story that teaches health principles.