Subsistence Farming

Subsistance Farming

Skill Level:  2
Category: Outdoor Industries
Original Honor:  2001

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1.      Participate in the preparation of a food garden nine meters square. Cover the following points.
a.       Choosing the site
b.      Clearing the bush
c.       Cleaning the area
d.      Preparation of the soil for planting
2.      Through a practical demonstration show how you will make and use compost in your garden.
3.      List the crops from the following plant families you will plant in your garden and the time of year that you can do this.
a.       Root crops—e.g. cassave, sweet potatoes, carrots
b.      Grass—e.g. corn, sugar cane
c.       Legumes—e.g. beans, peanuts
d.      Leafy vegetables—e.g. cabbage varieties, aibika
e.       Fruit—e.g. Bananas, pawpaw, tomatoes, egg plant, pumpkins, cucumber
4.      Show by practical demonstration and by diagram how you will divide your garden to plant your crops.
5.      What crops will best grow where you have burnt out stumps and logs?
6.      Show and demonstrate how you will keep your garden free from weeds and garden pests.
7.      Demonstrate how you will plant your crops to have a continual supply.
8.      Show how to harvest crops for family use and commercial sale.
9.      Show how you will rotate your crops.
10. Outline what you would do with your garden area after several seasons of cropping.