Dairying AY Honor

Skill Level:  2
Category: Outdoor Industries
Original Honor:  1929

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Originating Institution:  General Conference




1.           What considerations are made when selecting a calf?
2.           Know 25 parts of a dairy cow.
3.           Know the care, management, and feeding of dairy cows during their following stages:
a.     Calves
b.     Weaning to six months
c.      Six months to fifteen months
d.      Fifteen months to springers
e.      The dry cow
4.           Know the proper feeding techniques for a lactating cow.
5.           Know how milk is produced in the cow.
6.           Know the steps in milking a cow either by hand or machine.
7.           Know eight parts of a milking machine.
8.           What is mastitis? What steps can be taken to prevent mastitis?
9.           Know five herd health problems, their symptoms, and how to prevent and/or treat them.
10.       Know the meaning of the following terms:
a.      Concentrates
b.     Crude protein
c.      Cull
d.      Dry period
e.      Lactating
f.      Lactation cycle or period
g.      Oxytocin
11.       Explain the pasteurization of milk and the proper care of dairy utensils and appliances.
12.       Assist with the care and milking of a dairy herd of cows for at least three months.