Maple Sugar, Advanced

Maple Sugar Advanced honor

 Skill Level:  3
Original Honor:  1989
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Originating Institution:  North American Division



1.      Have the Maple Sugar Honor.
2.      Make at least five taps and boil down at least two quarts of syrup.
3.      Collect a leaf and bark from two maples.
4.      List two usages of the sugar maple other than maple sugaring.
5.      What do you look for in tapping a maple tree?
6.      When is the right time to tap a maple tree in the spring?
7.      Name the four maples that produce sweet sap.
8.      What is the size of the drill bit? (2 sizes)
9.      How can sap spoil and how is it like milk?
10. What is the maple sugaring legend?
11. To make one quart of syrup, how many quarts of sap will you need?
12. How can one tell if syrup is ready or near ready during boiling without a thermometer or hydrometer?
13. How did the early settlers become acquainted with maple sugaring?
14. Visit two sugar operations.
15. Use three recipes and display them at Investiture time.
16. Make one pound of maple sugar candy and explain how it was made.
17. What is maple wax on snow?
18. When the sap is yellow and/or moths collect in the buckets, what does that usually mean?

Level: 3