Ferns honor

 Skill Level:  1
Category: Nature
Original Honor:  1944
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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1.      How are ferns different from flowering plants or trees?
2.      Where is the true stem of a fern? What part grows above the ground? What is the most favorable environment in which ferns grow?
3.      How do ferns reproduce? Locate and describe three kinds of sori from three kinds of ferns.
4.      How do spores travel from the parent plant to a new location? How long does it take a spore to develop into a mature plant? Observe from live ferns or pictures of young ferns how they differ from adult plants.
5.      Know the medicinal uses of three ferns.
6.      Draw or photograph ten kinds of ferns properly identified.
7.      In addition to the common ferns there are fernlike plants known as club mosses and horsetails. Be able to recognize two club mosses and one horsetail. How are they similar to ferns?

Skill Level: 2