Tailoring AY Honor

Skill Level:  3
Category: Household Industries
Original Honor:  1938

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1.  Identify the following materials:

a. Wool
b. Worsted
c. Cotton
d. Linen
e. Silk
f. Artificial silk.
g. Rayon
h. Polyester
i. Synthetic wool

2.      Identify three of the following weaves:

a. Basketweave
b. Plain
c. Rib
d. Herringbone
e. Twill
f. Pile

3.      How are the following used:

a. Interlining
b. Tailor tacks
c. Tailor canvas or other interfacing
d. Pad stitching
e. Iron-on interfacing

4.      Tell the points you should observe when making a garment fit properly and look tailored.
5.      Be familiar with the following pressing equipment:

a. Sleeve board
b. Press mitt
c. Seam roll
d. Taylor's ham
e. Taylor's board
f.  Needle board

6.      Be able to make bound and tailored buttonholes and loop buttonholes.
7.      Make a slit pocket with a welt, or a bound pocket.
8.      Demonstrate your skills in tailoring by measuring, cutting out, and properly making a man's or woman's suit that fits properly.