Food Canning

Preserving Canning

 Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1929
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Define the following:

a. Botulism 

b. Steam pressure canning 

c. Boiling water bath 

d. Steam canning 

e. Open kettle canning 

f. Pectin 

g. Hot pack 

h. Cold pack

i. Sterilize

j. Scald

k. Jelly

l. Jam

m. Marmalade

n. Pickles

2. List the equipment used in the following methods of canning:

a. Pressure

b. Boiling water bath

c. Steam

d. Open kettle

3. Give directions for sterilizing, filling, sealing, and testing seals on jars.

4. When should food be steam pressure processed?

5. List the kinds of vegetables and fruits that are excellent for canning as opposed to freezing or drying.

6. Can the following items:

a. One fruit juice using the open kettle method

b. Two kinds of fruit using the boiling water bath method, one by hot packing and one by cold packing

c. Two kinds of vegetables using the pressure canning method, one by hot packing and one by cold packing

d. One jelly or jam