Skill Level:  1
Category: Household Arts
Original Honor:  1929

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Originating Institution:  General Conference




Category: Household Arts

Level: Level 1

Year Introduced: 1929

Item Number: YOU5460

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.      Have the Basic Sewing Honor.
2.      Identify samples of different fabrics including cotton, linen, wool, rayon, nylon, Dacron, and burlap.
3.      Have a practical sewing box for your sewing supplies. Include in it a pin cushion, tape measure, pins, needles, thread, and scissors.          
4.      Show how to straighten fabric before use.
5.      Demonstrate how to place pattern on fabric according to pattern layout, being sure all pieces are correctly placed on straight of fabric.
6.      Know the following terms:
a.       Baste
b.      Bias
c.       Blind hem
d.      Grain of fabric
e.       Overcast
f.        Zigzag
7.      Make one of the following:
a.       A skirt, putting in zipper and sewing on waistband. Make sure skirt is hemmed to hang evenly.          
b.      A blouse and explain how you would adjust the shoulders for person of different build.