Basic Rescue

Skill Level:  1
Category: Health & Science
Original Honor:  1986

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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1. What is the definition of an emergency rescue?

2. Show how to safely rescue a person from the following situations:

a. Being in contact with a live electric wire

b. A room filled with fumes or smoke

c. Clothes on fire

d. Drowning using a non-swimming rescue

e. An ice accident

3. Show three ways of attracting and communicating with rescue aircraft.

4. Know six indications for the need of an immediate rescue.

5.  Know six procedures to follow before moving a victim from a life-threatening situation.

6. Know five principles involved in moving a victim from a life-threatening situation

7. Know the proper ways to help a victim, without assistance, in the following:

a. Pulling the victim

b. Lifting the victim

c. Assisting a victim in walking

8. Know the proper way to help a victim, with assistance, in the following:

a. Chair carry

b. Fore-and -aft carry

c. Two-handed and four-handed seats

d. Blanket carry

e.  Three-man hammock carry with victim in supine and prone position

f. Three- or four-man lift

g. Six-man lift and carry

9. Know how to properly use a stretcher and carry a victim on a stretcher. Know how to make an improvised litter.

10. Know how to properly use ropes and knots as follows:

a. Tie knots for joining ropes together

b. Tie knots for shortening a rope

c. Tie knots for use around a person for a rescue

d. Coil and accurately throw a light and a heavy 50-foot (15.2 m) rope.

11. What steps should be taken before reporting a lost person? What information will be needed when reporting a lost person? How is a search for a lost person conducted in a wilderness area?