Gift Wrapping

Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2015
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Originating Institution: General Conference




1. List five courtesy rules for giving and receiving gifts.

2. Do the following:

a. Collect different types of wrapping paper, at least ten grades, five-by-seven centimeters in size.

b. Choose a suitable gift wrap pattern for wrapping a gift to a child, an adult, a sister, a brother, etc.

c. Demonstrate carefully wrapping a simple rectangular box in paper.

3. Wrap the following types of gifts with ornamental supplement:

a. in the form of a cube

b. in the form of a cylinder

c. multifaceted

d. extraordinary (your option).

4. Know how to make a gift bow (3 types).

5. Correctly and carefully pack a gift. Give the wrapped gift to someone in your family, church, or community