Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2012
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Originating Institution: South America Division / North American Division


  1. Research the history of guitars and how they came to your country.
  2. Describe or show the difference between melody, harmony and rhythm.
  3. Distinguish three different types of guitars. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  4. Identify the three divisions of the guitar and identify 15 different parts, explaining the function of each part.
  5. Demonstrate the correct posture to practice guitar. Explain the importance of practicing in that position.
  6. Know the names of the fingers, strings and hand positions. Demonstrate each in its proper way.
  7. In standard tuning, the 6 strings on a guitar are associated with which notes?
  8. What are the chords (figures) and how are they built? Write by memory a list of all major and minor chords, along with specific finger positions.
  9. Demonstrate ability to perform at least seven major and minor chords (ex. A, B, B7, C, D, E, G, F, A minor).
  10. Explain the difference between flats and sharps? Show how they are represented for guitar play.
  11. Describe the difference between nylon and steel stringing, and explain the reason behind your preference.
  12. Demonstrate the use of a capo and how to replace a guitar string.
  13. Play a song using at least two different techniques:
    1. Strumming
    2. Fingerpicking
    3. Classical
    4. Other
  14. Select three simple hymns or spiritual songs that you can play on guitar, and teach them to a unit, club or group.