Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2013 (Drawing & Painting originated 1929)
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Originating Institution: North American Division



The Drawing honor was created in 2013 when the NAD Honor Taskforce voted to expand and replace the Drawing and Painting honor with four new honors: Drawing, Drawing - Advanced, Painting, and Painting - Advanced. The new Painting honors adopted the insignia for the old Drawing and Paining honor, and the new Drawing honor received a new insignia.

1.Have the Basic Drawing Honor

2.Create a Color wheel using crayon or color pencil.  Include and understand:  

a.Primary Colors      

b.Secondary Colors   

c.Tertiary Colors   

d.Neutral Colors     

e.Warm/Cool Colors   



3.Create a Value Scale of a warm and a cool color, using color pencil.

4.Name seven (7) color media.

5. What is the difference between water based and oil-based paints?  Name 2 of each type.

6.What paint media was made with egg yolk?    

7.Define the following and tell how they are used:


b.Masking fluid (Miskit) 

c.Mineral Spirits/Turpentine 



8. Describe what the following  brushes are used for:



c.Liner Brush  

d.Fan Brush   

e.Mop Brush   

9.What is the best way to care for paint brushes?     

10.Describe and be able to explain the difference between:

a. Realistic Art       

b. Abstract Art       

11.Know the difference and show examples or the following Subject Matter:

a. Portrait      


c.Still Life        


12.Draw and paint, in your choice of color media, a still life or floral subject.  

13.Paint a landscape showing linear perspective.

14.Paint a portrait of a friend and/or favorite pet from a photo.

15.Memorize Psalm 19:1.  Discuss how this text inspires your Artwork.