Model Rocketry

 Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  1970
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Originating Institution: General Conference



(Instructor Required)

1. Know and explain the Model Rocketry Safety Code.

2. Know and explain the importance of the basic model rocket components.

3. Draw the following:

a. The steps in the flight of a model rocket

b. A cut-a-way view of a model rocket engine, labeling each part

c. A schematic plan for a simple launch system using proper electrical symbols

4. Define the following:

a. Wadding 

b. Boost gliders 

c. Stall 

d. Payload 

e. Apogee 

f. Center of gravity

g. Center of pressure

h. Impulse

i. Velocity

j. Ejection

5. Name and describe at least four different recovery systems.

6. From a kit, build, finish, and paint a single-stage rocket that has a minimum length of six inches with a recovery system, such as a parachute or streamer. Successfully launch and recover the rocket with the recovery system deploying properly.