Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  1970
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Define the following:

a. K 

b. P 

c. STS 

d. RND 

e. TOG


g. INC

h. DEC

i. YO

2. Demonstrate the following:

a. Cast on 

b. Bind off 

c. Cable stitch 

d. Ribbing

e. Garter stitch

f. Stockinette stitch

g. Pick up a dropped stitch

3. Know how to care for these kinds of yarn:

a. Wool

b. Hair

c. Synthetic

4. Show how to join on a new ball of yarn.

5. Identify and know the purpose of the following weights of yarn:

a. Medium

b. Sports

c. Heavy

d. Bulky

6. Knit two items from the following:

a. Slippers 

b. Mittens 

c. Baby booties 

d. Hat

e. Scarf

f. Sleeveless sweater


g. Reasonable choice