Scrapbooking, Advanced

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2004
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Have the Scrapbooking Honor.

2. What is lignin?

3. What plastic is safe to use in Scrapbooks?

4. What plastic is not safe to use and why not?

5. Describe the value of Scrapbooking to future generations.

6. How do you fix a journaling error?

7. Complete an album of at least 24 pages of a size not less then 8 1/2 x 11 using techniques that includes the use of at least 10 of the following:

Double Matting
Border Designs
Journaling Boxes
Colored Paper
Printed Paper
2 Page Layouts
Die Cuts
Self Designed Die Cuts
Memorabilia Pockets
Decorative Scissors
Photos Cropped into  circles or ovals