Plastic Canvas

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  2006
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Originating Institution: General Conference



1. What is plastic canvas?

2. Name four (4) types of plastic canvas and give a brief description of each.

3. Which type of yarn is best for use on plastic canvas?

4. Describe the following types of yarn and say on which type of canvas they work best.

a. Worsted Weight Yarn
b. Sport Weight Yarn
c. Tapestry Yarn
d. Persian Wool
e. Pearl Cotton
f. Embroidery Floss

5. What type of needle is used on plastic canvas? Which size needle is used on each type of plastic canvas?

6. Which instruments are used for cutting plastic canvas? How do you cut plastic canvas?

7. Name at least ten (10) stitches and make a one-inch sample of each.

8. Make two of the following items using three different stitches.

a. Coaster
b. Bookmark
c. Picture Frame
d. Refrigerator Magnet
e. Christmas Ornament
f. Door Hanger

9. Make one of the following using four different stitches.

a. Tissue Box Cover
b. Tote Bag
c. Disk Holder
d. Trinket/Coaster Box