Pinewood Derby

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  1
Original Honor:  1999
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Originating Institution:  General Conference




1. Name the four basic components of a Pinewood Derby car.

2. Cars must meet the basic following requirements:

a. Must be made during the current calendar year or Pathfinder club year.

b. Width of car shall not exceed 2 3/4” or 70 mm

c. Length of car shall not exceed 7” or 178 mm

d. Weight of car shall not exceed 5 oz. (142 grams)

e. Width between wheels shall be 1 3/4” or 44 mm

f. Height from bottom of car to bottom of tires shall be 3/8” minimim or 10 mm

g. Use only axles, wheels, and wood provided in the kit you purchase.

h. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

3. Know how to safely use the following while building your project:

a. Saw

b. Wood rasp

c. Course sandpaper

d. Fine sandpaper

e. Wood plane

f. Hammer

g. Shaping stick

4. Know the basic steps in designing a car:

a. Design

b. Transfer of design

c. Building the car

d. Axles and wheels

e. Adding weight

f. Lubrication

5. Design and build to completion a Pinewood Derby car from a basic kit using the instructions in the kit or if no instructions, follow the directions in #2.

6. Participate in a sponsored Pinewood Derby event using the car you built in number five (5).

7. Define and practice good sportsmanship as it relates to your Christian walk.

Note: If you are planning to participate in a conference Pinewood Derby event be sure you use the correct specifications from your conference because some use different specifications than listed above.

Note: Pinewood Derby cars are usually available through the Boy Scout organization.