Paper Quilling, Advanced

Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2006
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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1. Know and be able to correctly make each of the following Eccentric shapes

a. Eccentric Loose Circle
b. Eccentric Teardrop
c. Eccentric Marquise
d. Eccentric Fan
e. Eccentric Crescent
f. Eccentric Bunny Ear
g. Eccentric Tulip

2. Know and complete three of the following shaping techniques.

a. Fringed Flower
b. Grape Roll
c. Spiral
d. Loop Method
e. Pegs
f. Weaving Paper
g. Twisted Loop
h. Huskings
i. Folded Roses
j. Curled Flowers

3. Make a picture or ornament using at least three of the Eccentric Shapes.

4. Make a three-dimensional object.