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Pathfinder Strong Song Author, Henry T. Bergh, Last Pathfinder Pioneer, Passes Away at 93 in California

On July 15, 2011, Pathfinder pioneer and author of the International Pathfinder theme song "Pathfinder Strong," died in Oakhurst, CA, USA, according to his daughter, Judi.

Pathfinders around the globe have sung this often translated, more often sung song "Oh we are the Pathfinder’s Strong, the servants of God are we, faithful as we march along, in kindness, truth and purity. A message to tell to the world, a truth that will set us free, King Jesus the Savior’s coming back, for you and me….." in hundreds of Pathfinder Clubs, Churches and Camporees the words and music to this song given to a young youth director in 1948 will continue to be our theme song for Pathfinders around the world.

On July 15, 2011 at Oakhurst, California the author and friend of Pathfinders, Henry T. Bergh closed his eyes in the blessed hope of Jesus Second Coming.

Henry Theodore Bergh was born 24 May 1918 in Spokane, Washington and when he was 2 years and 3 months old, was saved from certain death in a scalding accident. God had plans for his life! Though the scars remained his love of the Lord grew. When Henry was about ten years old he met Miriam Jackson when his mother was taking her family to Sabbath School and he told his mother he was going to marry that girl someday. They became friends and were married on August 24, 1939.  Miriam and Henry knew each other for 83 years.

Henry became a treasurer for several conferences and for Pacific Press before becoming the youth director of the Central California Conference.   It was here that he helped to begin 23 Pathfinder clubs, wrote a booklet ""How to Start A Pathfinder Club," started the Pathfinder Coordinator program, held the first Pathfinder Leadership Training, designed the Pathfinder flag (which Helen Hobbs made), and led the first Pathfinder Fair. But for tens of thousands of young people world- wide Henry T. Bergh will be remembered for writing down the words and music for the Pathfinder Song, just as God gave them to him.

God truly has blessed our community with the life and ministry of Henry T. Bergh!

~Dixie Plata, Pathfinder Historian

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