Pathfinder Club

2011 New NAD AY Honors Voted in Lincoln

Several new Pathfinder honors were voted during the YPAC Lincoln Meetings, March 2011.  While the requirements and honor patches are still not availabe, we thought you'd like to know what is coming!

  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers and Streams
  • The Ultimate and Advanced (a game using flying discs)
  • Odonates (Dragonflies, Damselflies, etc.)
  • Postcards and Advanced
  • Water Safety Instructor and Advanced -- to match WSI certificationm requirements
  • Basic Water Safety  -- to match Levels I and II Red Cross Requirements.  All other existing swimming honors have been updated dramatically to match current Red Cross standards.  The Basic Water Safety honor is a required honor in the new Friend Investiture Achievement curriculum.