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The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is designed to challenge and empower the teen Pathfinder with new and increased responsibilities, while allowing them the security of doing so in a place they know and love. 

The TLT experience will assist the Pathfinder teen to form adult-Pathfinder relationships as an expression of their developing identity as teenagers. The TLT member must learn how to give of themselves and how to receive from others. They must allow themselves to be known while getting to know others.

There are a variety of published (PDF) resources to assist you in growing this exciting ministry for the high school students who need more challenges than the Pathfinder program can otherwise offer them.

TLT Workshops

Holding a TLT Training Workshop is an essential part of many conference TLT programs.  These are 13 of the 24 TLT Workshops outlined in TLTs.  It is our dream that TLT Instructors would create their own Activity-based workshop exercises and write their own up following this format so we could have collections of options for instructors to draw from.  If you have created activity based workshops for TLT workshops that are missing,please contact us.

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TLT Staff Handouts

TLT Staff Handouts are those articles which are most requested from our office for use in TLT clubs.  Our goal is to connect you with the resources you need, when you need it, so that you can get back to doing TLT Ministry even better than you were before.

If you have additional resource requests that are not found here or elsewhere on the site please contact us.

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TLT Training Videos

TLT Training videos provide direction and details for TLT leaders and TLTs around the North American Division. 

Watch them all on our Vimeo page.

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Video 1 - About TLT

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2016 TLT Resource Book and Directors' Manual

The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is growing and expanding!TLT Director Manual Guide book


We are offering new and updated resources for this exciting ministry.

New in 2016:

  • TLT Director's Manual (2016 update edition) English ~ Spanish (coming soon)
  • TLT Record Book (student) (new in 2016) English ~ Spanish (coming soon)