Pathfinder Bible Experience

Pathfinder Bible Experience

PBE 2016 Practice Questions Download

Whether practicing a "dry run" or using the questions as part of a PBE preparation game against the church elders/ministry team, these files are meant to support your preparation for game-play at your regional, conference, and union events.

Format:  90 questions in the format you should be prepared to answer at PBE events.

English/Spanish Powerpoint (MS Office 2010)

PBE Manual

The Pathfinder Bible Experience Manual is the offical guide and rule book for all levels of PBE play.  

Read more: PBE Manual

Application Guide

Each year, the NAD Pathfinder Ministry team provides an Application Guide to assist the leadership and PBE teams in learning and internalizing the book of the Bible being studied.


The 2016 Application is Exodus and may be downloaded here.

PBE Official Exodus Bible Translations / SDA Bible Commentary

There are three languages officially supported in the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience, and thus three official Bible translations.

Be sure your testing levels (area, conference, union) are offering PBE testing in your chosen one of these three languages.
REMINDER:  Per voted policy, answers to questions must match the language studied in, and cannot "cross over" mixing languages in an answer. (See manual "Language Variation" for more detail).



2016 (PBE) Pathfinder Bible Experience Testing Dates

These are the suggested testing dates for PBE testing.  
Please check with your Conference and Union for actual dates and locations for testing:
Area/District Testing -- February 6
Conference Testing -- March 5
Union Testing -- March 19
Division Testing -- April 15-16