Pathfinder Bible Experience

Pathfinder Bible Experience

2015 PBE Division Finals


The specific location of the Division Pathfinder Bible Experience on April 17-18 is on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas.  Keene is about 50 miles southwest of downtown Dallas and about 25 miles south of Fort Worth on I-35W.

The best airport to fly into will probably be Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) airport.  For those flying on Southwest Airlines you will probably fly into Dallas Love Field.  

The address for Southwestern Adventist University is 100 W. Hillcrest Dr., Keene, Texas.  The Friday night and Sabbath morning programming will take place at the Leiske/Pultar Gymnasium at the university.  

When looking for hotel accommodations please look in Alvarado, Texas and Cleburne, Texas.  These towns are within 5-6 miles of the university and very convenient.  Among others, you will find Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, LaQuinta, Super 7 hotels.  Please ask for either the SDA or Texas Conference of SDA discount.  If offered, the discount may not be much but it helps.  We look forward to seeing you at the Division PBE testing!

PBE Registration 2015

To all!

Our Pathfinders are studying, memorizing and preparing.   Momentum is building towards the upcoming PBE testing season!  Staff are busy writing questions and entire churches are getting involved in preparation for the Pathfinder Bible Experience testing program for the 2014-2015 Pathfinder Year!   I am hearing wonderful stories about our Pathfinders, staff and churches becoming so much closer to Jesus Christ because of the Pathfinder Bible Experience program and particularly this year in the study of the Book of Matthew.


I want to be sure to timely provide all the testing materials and forms to you, your Conference and Union.  Please take a few moments and open (or copy and paste address on internet) fill in and submit the online registration form  found at

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PBE Activity Guide 2015

In Addition to the PBE Manual, the NAD/AdventSource has made an Activity Manual available to assist Pathfinders and their leaders in the in-depth study of the PBE Bible passages.

Matthew Activity Guide (PDF 1.58 MB)

Buy the printed book from AdventSource (call 1 800 328-0525 to order)

SDA Bible Commentary Introduction Matthew (2015)

The SDA Bible Commentary Introduction is for the Gospel of Matthew.  


The SDA Bible Commentary Introduction should be studied along with the Gospel of Matthew.  A % of questions during each level of competition are asked from this introduction.  Please consult the PBE Manual for details.


SDABC Matthew (PDF)

PBE Rules Update 2015

TIMING:In an effort to be fair yet streamline the response time following the second reading of the questions in the testing process we have made the following changes to the response time.


Previously, following the second reading of the testing question, the teams were given 10 seconds to determine the answer to the question.  Next the scribe was given 10 seconds to write down the answer, for a total time of 20 seconds.  The scribe would then give the answer sheet to the grader who would write down the score based on the answer shown on the screen or send the answer sheet to the judges.  If the question required additional time to answer the question, the team would raise their hand or a flag was raised to indicate more time was necessary.  The answer was given from the front when all hands or flags were lowered.


Beginning this year, 2014-2015, at all levels, the following timing procedure will be implemented:

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