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2020 PBE Resources

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2019 NAD PBE - After Rockford

At Rockford, we had 158 First Place Teams, 48 Second Place Teams and 3 Third Place Teams. You are all Winners!!!!!

The NAD Team wants to thank not only the Pathfinders who put so much hard work into preparing, studying and memorizing the Gospel of Luke, but we also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents and staff that invested in, encouraged, sweated, studied with and fed these great PBE Teams!!!!

The NAD Team has clearly seen how much it means to the Pathfinders to study the Bible and prepare for PBE!

The date for the 2020 NAD PBE Division Finals is April 17-18, 2020.  The physical location is the NW Sports Hub, a very large sports arena in Centralia, Washington.  This is about half way between the Portland, Oregon and the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington airports, approximately 1 ½ hours from either airport.  Please begin making your plans to attend!

The study books for 2020 are the following:  Ezra, Nehemiah, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, and Micah.  From Ezra and Nehemiah, the Pathfinders will not be responsible for the following:

  • Ezra 2
  • Ezra 8:1-14
  • Ezra 10:18-44
  • Nehemiah 7:7-63
  • Nehemiah 10:1-27
  • Nehemiah 11:3-12:26

These are Biblical verses but we felt it unnecessary for the Pathfinders to memorize lengthy lists.

Again, Congratulations and welcome to the new teams that will join us next year!!

See you in Washington!!!

PBE 2019 Sample Question Downloads

Whether practicing a "dry run" or using the questions as part of a PBE preparation game against the church elders/ministry team, these files are meant to support your preparation for game-play at your regional, conference, and union events.

Format:  90 questions in the format you should be prepared to answer at PBE events.

English/Spanish Powerpoint Sample Questions - Luke


2019 PBE Overview

The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Some affectionately call the program Bible Bowl.

Each year, teams of six club members study a book of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God's word.  

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2019 PBE Official Translations Commentary

UPDATE - Official Translations and Commentary of Luke for 2019 PBE Testing Released!
UPDATE - 11-02-18 Files moved to new server for faster and more reliable access!

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