Pathfinder Bible Experience

Pathfinder Bible Experience

Application Guide

Each year, the NAD Pathfinder Ministry team provides an Application Guide to assist the leadership and PBE teams in learning and internalizing the book of the Bible being studied.

The 2016 Application is Exodus and may be downloaded here.

2016 (PBE) Pathfinder Bible Experience Testing Dates

These are the suggested testing dates for PBE testing.  
Please check with your Conference and Union for actual dates and locations for testing:
Area/District Testing -- February 6
Conference Testing -- March 5
Union Testing -- March 19
Division Testing -- April 15-16

PBE Rules Update 2015

TIMING:In an effort to be fair yet streamline the response time following the second reading of the questions in the testing process we have made the following changes to the response time.


Previously, following the second reading of the testing question, the teams were given 10 seconds to determine the answer to the question.  Next the scribe was given 10 seconds to write down the answer, for a total time of 20 seconds.  The scribe would then give the answer sheet to the grader who would write down the score based on the answer shown on the screen or send the answer sheet to the judges.  If the question required additional time to answer the question, the team would raise their hand or a flag was raised to indicate more time was necessary.  The answer was given from the front when all hands or flags were lowered.


Beginning this year, 2014-2015, at all levels, the following timing procedure will be implemented:

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PBE Division Finals Results 2015 MEDIA RELEASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- On April 18, 128 teams met in Keene Texas, at Southwestern Adventist University, for the fourth-annual PBE Finals.  92 teams achieved a first place rating, while 33 teams achieved a second place rating, and 1 team achieved a third place rating.  Each of the teams present represent the best their conferences have to offer, having to achieve a first place rating (90% correct from highest score) at three previous levels of play.  


 This chart shows teams alphabetically by Union and Conference along with each team's ranking.  Following the chart is additional information about the growth and spiritual impact of PBE.

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PBE Study Books 2015-2020

Voted NAD Pathfinder Advisory 2013 --

Beginning in 2014 we have changed the study direction of PBE from multiple books to generally one book.