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2018 PBE Division Placements

Team Photos on Facebook part 1  part 2 part 3Team Photos hi-res on Dropbox part 1 part 2 & part 3 | General Event & Competition Photos on Facebook | PDF Chart of teams and placement

193 Teams were eligible to participate at the Division Level testing on April 21, 2018 at Camp Hawthorne, in Southeastern Conference, Southern Union.  The Division event is the final level of a four-tier round of testing.  Teams must achieve first at Area events, then Conference events, and finally Union events before being awarded an eligibility spot at Division level competition.  The event has grown from a mere 17 teams competing at Division level in its first year to 193 teams in its seventh year, 2018.

Please see the following chart for placement for each team.  

186 teams came to Florida to participate in the largest PBE Division Event ever held.  115 teams scored a FIRST place placement (90% or greater of top score), 66 teams scored a SECOND place placement (80% to 89% of top score), and 5 teams scored a THIRD place placement (70% to 79% of top score).




PBE 2019 Sample Question Downloads

Whether practicing a "dry run" or using the questions as part of a PBE preparation game against the church elders/ministry team, these files are meant to support your preparation for game-play at your regional, conference, and union events.

Format:  90 questions in the format you should be prepared to answer at PBE events.

English/Spanish Powerpoint Sample Questions - Luke


Esther Joins Daniel for the 2018 PBE Testing Season

The 2018 testing season for PBE will be over the books of Daniel and Esther.


Both books cover the post-exile time period and share many themes and locations in common.  It was felt that only having 12 chapters of material would not allow all members of each PBE team to be fully involved and invested in the learning process.


Also included will be the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction for both Daniel and Esther.

2019 PBE Official Translations Commentary

UPDATE - Official Translations and Commentary of Luke for 2019 PBE Testing Released!
UPDATE - 11-02-18 Files moved to new server for faster and more reliable access!

Read more: 2019 PBE Official Translations Commentary

PBE Location Change Division Finals 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - We have had to change our location for the PBE Division Finals testing program from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We have found an excellent venue in Chicago, Illinois.  There are several advantages to Chicago, mainly the airfares.  The location is Moraine Valley Community College, 9000 College Parkway, Palos Hills, Illinois, 60465.  To confirm, the date for the Division Program is April 21-22, 2017.
We will be sending out hotel information within the next week.  The closest airport to fly in to is Midway Airport (MDW).  
Food:  As we discussed at the NAD Meetings, the NAD will no longer be providing free meals for the teams but will have food onsite from the New Life SDA Church that will be available for purchase in advance.  We will make registration for meals a part of the registration process when teams register for attendance.
Please pass this information on to your Pathfinder Clubs so they may make their plans accordingly.

W. Gene Clapp
NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator