PBE Overview

The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Some affectionately call the program Bible Bowl.

In April, finalist teams from across the Division participate in the final level of testing. Hundreds of Pathfinder teams from 6 of the 9 Unions participated in the testing at different levels, Area/District, Conference and Union, culminating with the Division testing at the General Conference Headquarters, Silver Spring, Maryland in 2012.

The Pathfinders are tested over the assigned study books as well as the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction to each study book.

At each level, the teams scoring 90% or higher of the highest score at their testing site make 1st place and are invited to go on to the next level. The winning teams are extreme students of the Bible and in most cases memorize chapters and in some cases the entire book(s). Winning teams incorporate the Total Church Involvement approach. This means they have study coaches but also involve the church elders and other members of the local church to assist in making up sample tests, friendly competition against the elders to see who is the better student of the Bible, become involved in worships made up of talks from subject matter from the assigned study book(s). The students may also perform dramas depicting some of the Biblical stories from their assigned study book(s).

Full Manual available from AdventSource or as a PDF download here.



  • Each year on the first Sabbath in February, teams of up to six Pathfinders will participate in an area (fellowship, district) Pathfinder Bible Experience.
  • Clubs can field as many teams as they have Pathfinders to fill. Those placing in the 1st place category with 90% and higher of the top score earned will advance to conference level on the first Sabbath of March.
  • Union level will be held on the last Sabbath in March and the Division level on the third Sabbath in April. The local conference and union may alter the date forward or backward a week according to their unique scheduling needs.
  • Most questions will require short answers.
  • No special equipment is required, just a laptop and projector at each event.
  • Gene Clapp, a Pathfinder leader in Texas Conference, has been appointed as the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator. You can contact him via email.
  • Exciting developments are underway to connect the Pathfi nder Bible Experience with the broader church life, Bible study, and revival, reformation and repentance.
  • A special note to conference and union Pathfinder Directors: Since this is a ministry of Pathfi nders across the entire division, we are seeking committed, qualifi ed adults to help write questions and assist in coordinating and growing the Pathfinder Bible Experience. If you have a person in your conference whom you feel spirit led to recommend, please send their contact information to Gene Clapp.

You will note that Mrs. Scheib is not listed as the NAD PBE Coordinator. She recently suffered some major medical issues and requested that we find another leader to coordinate so that the program could move forward more rapidly. Mr. Gene Clapp of Texas Conference has assumed that position. Mr. Clapp has many years experience with various Bible Bowl type programs, and currently serves as the lay Pathfinder Director for the Texas Conference. We thank Pam and Gene for their commitment to service and pray for rapid and complete healing for Pam.


We invite you to get the word out and participate in this HISTORIC experience with Pathfinders worldwide. See you at the General Conference World Headquarters with your teams on April 21, 2012.