2018 PBE Division Placements

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193 Teams were eligible to participate at the Division Level testing on April 21, 2018 at Camp Hawthorne, in Southeastern Conference, Southern Union.  The Division event is the final level of a four-tier round of testing.  Teams must achieve first at Area events, then Conference events, and finally Union events before being awarded an eligibility spot at Division level competition.  The event has grown from a mere 17 teams competing at Division level in its first year to 193 teams in its seventh year, 2018.

Please see the following chart for placement for each team.  

186 teams came to Florida to participate in the largest PBE Division Event ever held.  115 teams scored a FIRST place placement (90% or greater of top score), 66 teams scored a SECOND place placement (80% to 89% of top score), and 5 teams scored a THIRD place placement (70% to 79% of top score).