Pathfinder Bible Experience


The Pathfinder Bible Experience is a team challenge that focuses on immersion in the Word of God. Four levels of play each Pathfinder year culminate in an official NAD Pathfinder event held on the third Sabbath of April at a large venue somewhere in the NAD.

A full day of activities is planned, including Sabbath morning services, and the PBE event in the afternoon from 1-5 pm.

The PBE Manual is available from AdventSource or as a PDF download here.

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2016 PBE Division @ Prescott AZ

BREAKING NEWS -- Prescott High School, in Prescott, AZ has been chosen as the location for the 2016 "Exodus" Pathfinder Bible Experience Division-wide Finale.  All teams who score 90% at their Union-level competition are invited to attend this event

Directions from PHX Airport to Camp Yavapines

Directions from PHX to Prescott High School

Prescott is a beautiful town in the mountains of Arizona and is also the home of the Arizona Conference Youth Camp called Camp Yavapines.  The
actual meeting and testing site is only 2.9 miles from Camp Yavapines at the Prescott High School.  The youth camp has 750 summer camp beds available for rental if you so choose.  In addition there are quite a number of hotels in the Prescott area available at reasonable prices. For those flying in, it is very advisable to fly in to Phoenix and take Interstate 17 north to Hwy 69 going to Prescott.  For those wishing to come early or stay late, Sedona, Arizona is only about 30-45 minutes away, Grand Canyon National Park is about 1 hour 45 minutes away. 

PBE Overview

The Pathfinder Bible Experience is the Official North American Division Pathfinder Bible study program. Some affectionately call the program Bible Bowl.

Each year, teams of six club members study a book of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God's word.  

Read more: PBE Overview

PBE Manual

The Pathfinder Bible Experience Manual is the offical guide and rule book for all levels of PBE play.  

Read more: PBE Manual

Application Guide

Each year, the NAD Pathfinder Ministry team provides an Application Guide to assist the leadership and PBE teams in learning and internalizing the book of the Bible being studied.


The 2016 Application is Exodus and may be downloaded here.

PBE Rules Update 2015

TIMING:In an effort to be fair yet streamline the response time following the second reading of the questions in the testing process we have made the following changes to the response time.


Previously, following the second reading of the testing question, the teams were given 10 seconds to determine the answer to the question.  

Read more: PBE Rules Update 2015

PBE 2016 Practice Questions Download

Whether practicing a "dry run" or using the questions as part of a PBE preparation game against the church elders/ministry team, these files are meant to support your preparation for game-play at your regional, conference, and union events.

Format:  90 questions in the format you should be prepared to answer at PBE events.

English/Spanish Powerpoint (MS Office 2010)

PBE Official Exodus Bible Translations / SDA Bible Commentary

There are three languages officially supported in the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience, and thus three official Bible translations.

Be sure your testing levels (area, conference, union) are offering PBE testing in your chosen one of these three languages.
REMINDER:  Per voted policy, answers to questions must match the language studied in, and cannot "cross over" mixing languages in an answer. (See manual "Language Variation" for more detail).



2016 (PBE) Pathfinder Bible Experience Testing Dates

These are the suggested testing dates for PBE testing.  
Please check with your Conference and Union for actual dates and locations for testing:
Area/District Testing -- February 6
Conference Testing -- March 5
Union Testing -- March 19
Division Testing -- April 15-16

PBE Study Books 2015-2020

Voted NAD Pathfinder Advisory 2013 --

Beginning in 2014 we have changed the study direction of PBE from multiple books to generally one book.

Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) Forms and Tools

Below you will find the forms necessary for local team, area, and conference levels of play.


Local Club Forms:

Statement of Integrity - Please bring a signed copy to your area, conference, union, and division events.

Media Release Form -- Please bring a signed copy FOR EACH PARTICIPANT to your area, conference, union, and division events.


Read more: Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) Forms and Tools