Pathfinder Bible Experience


The Pathfinder Bible Experience is a team challenge that focuses on immersion in the Word of God. Four levels of play each Pathfinder year culminate in an official NAD Pathfinder event held on the third Sabbath of April at a large venue somewhere in the NAD.

A full day of activities is planned, including Sabbath morning services, and the PBE event in the afternoon from 1-5 pm.

The PBE Manual is available from AdventSource or as a PDF download here.

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PBE 2018 Livestream Links and Times

The Division PBE Finals from Camp Hawthorne, Florida will be live-streamed on two platforms.

1)  and go to Southeastern Conference of SDA NEW LINK -


) and you will also see the program.

Choose whatever works for your church. Be reminded that the program will begin at 9:20am, EDT on April 21,2018.

PBE 2018 Meals at Division PBE

If you plan to eat meals at Camp Hawthorne on Friday night, Sabbath or Sunday, Please go to the below listed website to register for meals.  If you would like to register for only Sabbath Lunch, please go to the below website.  They will be serving a wonderful vegetarian Sabbath lunch, with gluten free, and vegan alternatives.  
The deadline for registering for meals at PBE at Camp Hawthorne is Midnight, Wednesday, April 18.  There will be no onsite registration.  You are welcome to bring your own meals and space is available, however you should plan to being your own tables and chairs.  All Conference, Union and Division personnel are responsible for their own meals.
For Meals at Division PBE

PBE 2018 Sample Question Downloads

Whether practicing a "dry run" or using the questions as part of a PBE preparation game against the church elders/ministry team, these files are meant to support your preparation for game-play at your regional, conference, and union events.

Format:  90 questions in the format you should be prepared to answer at PBE events.

English/Spanish Powerpoint 

Union level PBE Questions - English/Espanol Powerpoint  | Francais Powerpoint

Area level PBE Questions English/Spanish Powerpoint

DETAILS - PBE Division Finals at Camp Hawthorne

To all Directors, Coaches and Staff coming to the North American Division Pathfinder Bible Experience Division Testing,
Congratulations on your Pathfinders’ achievement!  This is a very big step.
Want to provide you with as up to date info as we have regarding the event:
The location is at Camp Hawthorne, the summer camp and camp meeting facilities for the Southeastern Conference of SDA from the Southern Union.  The address for Camp Hawthorne is 1771 FL-20, Hawthorne, FL 32640.  Hawthorne, Florida is about 15 miles east of Gainesville, Florida.
You are welcome to come to Florida at any time and enjoy the recreation, the sights and the fun the state offers.
Division PBE programming will begin on Friday night, April 20, 2018, at 7:30 pm.  Our Friday Night Vesper Service speaker will be Elder Vandeon Griffin from the North American Division Youth Department.  Team Registration will begin at 8:00 on Sabbath morning at the Camp meeting auditorium.  Team Introductions and the Testing Program will take place at 9:30 am on Sabbath, April 21.  At the conclusion of the testing, we will dismiss for lunch which will be served next door at the cafeteria (purchase meal tickets at the link below).  If you prefer to bring your own lunch, space is available.  Please bring your own chairs and tables if desired.  
Our Divine Worship Service will begin at approximately 2:30 and our Speaker will be Elder Alex Bryant, Executive Secretary of the North American Division.  Following Worship, after a short break, we will conclude with the awards service.  All services will be live streamed for all at home to participate!  We anticipate that we will conclude our weekend about 6:30-7:00 pm on Sabbath evening.
For flight information, please note the following:  Hawthorne is about 2 hours drive time from the Orlando International Airport.  About 1 1/2 hours from the Jacksonville International Airport and about 1/2 hour from the Gainesville Airport.  Flight tends to be cheaper to the Orlando and Jacksonville airports.
There are an abundance of hotels close by.  The two cities closest to Hawthorne are Gainesville and Palatka.  You will find the same hotel chains in Palatka that are in Gainesville but they tend to be cheaper in Palatka.  
There is plenty of lodging onsite at Camp Hawthorne.  This is camp style cabin lodging where you will need to provide your own bedding, but very clean and comfortable.  See below for the link to reserving your lodging.
The Camp Hawthorne cafeteria will be providing the Sabbath lunch meal and the link for purchasing meal tickets is below.  Each team is responsible for purchasing all their own meals.
All questions regarding the meals and lodging should be directed to Camp Hawthorne, (352) 481-3961
All questions regarding programs and testing please contact me at my email address:  
We look forward to seeing all of you.  This is shaping up to be the largest Division PBE Program ever and we want you to be informed!
From time to time over the next several weeks you will be receiving updates and a registration form for your team(s) to register on line for the testing.
Thanks and may God bless you in your plans for Camp Hawthorne!
W. Gene Clapp
Pastor, Waco Seventh-day Adventist Church
NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator

2018 PBE Official Translations Commentary

UPDATE - Official Translations and Commentary of Daniel and Esther Released!

Read more: 2018 PBE Official Translations Commentary